Robben Island

Robben Island an atmospheric little world once on its own, geographically outcast, yet desperately visited by thewhole world today. Once the brutal social system ceased, the island responded happily to the little love. Man can now see and appreciate the stunning beautiful dawns, sunsets and the interesting diversity of fauna and flora.

Once home to our very own Nelson Mandela (Madiba- father of the nation) now an island of wonders and a  world heritage site.

This island was also home to political exiles, sultans, spiritualists and slaves. Visit the legend Kramat (Tuan) Matarah who was a very spiritual man, and known for his wonder cures and comfort which he brought to his prisoners. Find out more about why it is said that the Island was too small for him. He could go as he pleases without being detected…….


  • Depart from the Waterfront on a boat trip to the island
  • Experience a tour in historic busses and legendry men as tour guides
  • Visit Nelson Mandela’s prison
  • Visit the legend Kramat (Tuan) Matarah.
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