South Africa has various historical sites. One of them is Robben Island which is situated in the Western Cape is also another important historical site. It is where the late Nelson Mandela was held as a prisoner for 27 years. Visitors can go into the cells as well as view memorabilia.

The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest colonial building still in existence. It features beautiful antique furniture and art. Tourists can visit the Castle Military Museum and they can also view the cellars and dungeons. Another interesting activity that tourists are able to participate in, is taking a tour of the underground tunnels.

Tourists are also able to view the Kat Balcony which is where announcements were made to slaves, soldiers and residents in the 16th century.
The Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex in Mossel Bay houses a life-size replica of the ship Bartolomeu Dias arrived in, in 1488. This is where he traded with the indigenous Khoi people. Tourists can also visit the Dias spring which supplied residents with water during the 14 century.

The Garden in Cape Town is the oldest garden in South Africa. It is home to the oldest pear tree Company’s and oldest rose garden. It was established in the 1650s by Jan van Riebeeck to supply food to passing ships.

Stellenbosch is the second oldest formal settlement in South Africa. It has beautiful Cape Dutch styled buildings. Most of the town burnt down in 1710 and it was rebuilt after that. There are also beautiful oak trees.

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