About Me

CEO Latifa Cozyn

My name is Latifa Cozyn the owner of Cut Above Travel and Tours. Allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in a lovely peaceful coastal town called Simonstown, and grew up in a  Kalk Bay which is a fishing village and also the birth place of my father. After the emancipation of slavery, many of the slaves settled there as they were skilled fisherman. Soon they adapted to the community life.  A Mosque and a Church was built in order in the 1800s to service the religious needs of the community. The community consisted of Javanese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians and South Africans. Kalk Bay was a melting pot and the people lived in harmony sharing and respecting each other despite colour, creed, and religion, even when most of South Africa “lived apart”. My Grandfather Muhammed Hoosein Cosyn was from Java Indonesia and settled in Kalk Bay. And it was because of his legacy that we were not removed from our home during aparthied. He was one of the first to build two fishing boats and a house against the mountain which is still there today. I grew up in a community who raised their offspring with dignity and integrity and to respect all people. I enjoyed the essence of laughter and togetherness, which makes me very proud of being a fisherman’s daughter.

My experience in tourism spans 20 years working in both the inbound and outbound sectors, as a tour consultant and registered national tourist guide. My qualifications include a Travel and Tourism Diploma. I had the opportunity to expand my travels locally and internationally. This taught me that we all are one, and by showing respect and tolerance towards each other, we can experience love and joy.

I take great pleasure in ensuring that our guests experience the best of South Africa and its people.

Join me on a memorable journey of discovery and feel in one with nature!!

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